The CogScan® is used to help assess and identify individual's cognitive functioning.
Originally published in the 2000 used today (the 2006 updated version) is a computer-based battery that provides score summaries and lists cognitive descriptions for each participant (see CogScan® Report).

CogScan® Report provides basic information of cognitive functioning as compared with population standards.
The battery proposes is help to integrate the different aspects of personal performance through a complete functional profile.

Input of information

1. Perception speed

2. Motion perception


3. Response speed

4. Response Selection

5. Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff

6. Pair-associative memory and information processing


7. Motor speed


8. Shifting of attention

9. Sustained attention

10. Selective attention


11. Immediate and Delayed Recognition

12. Visuo-spatial Working Memory

13. Semantic Working Memory

Executive Function

14. Decision making

15. Planning ability

16. Set-shifting ability

Inhibition ability

17. Interruptive inhibition

18. Response inhibition

19. Interference Inhibition

20. Cognitive tempo

Neuro-cognitive information (from CogScan® modules) will enable the user to determine the content of the specific patient’s capabilities.